FinnDai in English

FinnDai is the Helsinki University Judo club

Organised independently of the University we accept all Students and Alumni from the Helsinki region as members. We organise training for adult judokas as well as basic courses. If you are interested please contact us, all contact information is under the Finnish heading "Yhteystiedot"->"Hallitus".

Or simply come train with us. We don't bite and we try our best to be inclusive.

We have a basic course once a year. This year's course begins on Thursday 20.9., training sessions are two per week and the course ends with an examination in December. The basic course is conducted by the FinnDai Head Coach Juho Nikkola ( and by Mr. Lasse Autio ( They have an obligation to be polite, but do not expect them to impressed by anything. They've been around for a while: In Judo, what counts, and probably the only thing that counts, is dedication. Most white belts (the first rank) do make it to yellow, and most yellow belts do make it to orange if they continue for a full year. The skill and athletic requirements are not set by us, but are handed to us from above.

Sign up for the basics course!:

Our dojo is located at Lapinlahdenkatu 17, Helsinki.

Our training schedule is

Monday 17:30-19:00 (Main weekly training session, Competitive judo focus, minimum of 35 minutes randori)

Wednesday 16.00-17.30 (Ne-waza/Basics course only until Christmas)

Friday 19:00-20:30 (Randori focused training: ne-waza randori to warm up, standing Uchi-komi and a minimum of 50 minutes of Tachi-waza randori)

Saturday 17:00-18:30 (Free training / Basic course)

Sunday 16:30-18.00 (Main technical session of the week, conducted by FinnDai Head Coach Juho Nikkola 4.dan)

Google street view to our dojo is here.